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Asperger’s Test for Kids

Asperger's Test for Kids

Asperger’s syndrome is currently a subgroup on the autism spectrum. Some of its characteristics include difficulty with social interactions, restricted interests, desire for sameness, remarkable focus and persistence, and attention to detail, among others. That’s where Asperger’s test for kids comes in handy. Let’s take a deeper look into what an Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis entails, … Read more Asperger’s Test for Kids

Signs of Autism in Toddlers Age 2

Introduction Although Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be diagnosed at any age, it is considered a developmental disorder because signs of autism in toddlers at age 2 are already generally noticeable. The earlier you can spot the most common symptoms, the quicker you can intervene. Early intervention is one of the most important things that … Read more Signs of Autism in Toddlers Age 2