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Activities for Autistic Teenager

Are you still trying to figure out Activities for Autistic Teenager? Perhaps it has been a teeny bit challenging as these teenagers tend to keep themselves busy with their phones. And as parents, you would want them to get involved in exercise and other activities that strengthen your bond with them. Also, what if he/she … Read more Activities for Autistic Teenager

Autism and Gut Dysfunction – What Every Parent Must Know

Autism and Gut Dysfunction

Autism And Gut Dysfunction If you’re not up-to-speed on the topic of how the gut affects our health, you’re in for a crash course. Many parents are still in the dark about the gut connection and autism. Science has shown that not only do autistic children have a high prevalence of gut issues, but gut … Read more Autism and Gut Dysfunction – What Every Parent Must Know

Down’s Syndrome vs Autism

Down's Syndrome vs Autism

In this article we will Cover Down’s Syndrome vs Autism. We will cover a Comparison of Down’s Syndrome and Autism. Dual Diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome and Autism. How to Design an individualized educational plan for Down’s Syndrome and Autism. What is Down’s Syndrome Down’s Syndrome (DS) is a chromosomal disorder in which a newborn has … Read more Down’s Syndrome vs Autism

Asperger’s Test for Kids

Asperger's Test for Kids

Asperger’s syndrome is currently a subgroup on the autism spectrum. Some of its characteristics include difficulty with social interactions, restricted interests, desire for sameness, remarkable focus and persistence, and attention to detail, among others. That’s where Asperger’s test for kids comes in handy. Let’s take a deeper look into what an Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis entails, … Read more Asperger’s Test for Kids



Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder in which effected persons experience persistent challenges for social interaction, communication impairment and repetitive patterns of behaviors or activities. The use of the word spectrum indicates that it deals with a wide range of difficulties and abilities associated with this disorder. Who Statistics on Autism According to … Read more SIGNS OF HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM IN ADULTS

What are the 3 main Symptoms of Autism?

What are the 3 main Symptoms of Autism

What is Autism?  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that typically appears during early childhood. Habitually, people with autism do not look any different from other people; however, those with autism may interact, relate, behave and learn in ways that contrast from others. Some people with autism need a lot of support in … Read more What are the 3 main Symptoms of Autism?

Best toys for Non Verbal Autism

Introduction Looking for Best toys for Non Verbal Autism? Buying toys for autistic children can often be challenging, especially if they have certain sensory processing issues. When searching for products, you want to look for ones made from non-toxic materials (and free from phthalates, BPA, and other toxic plasticizers implicated in autism and other conditions) … Read more Best toys for Non Verbal Autism

What is Non Verbal Autism

Introduction Parenthood in all aspects sure is exciting, fun and fulfilling yet at times challenging. Raising kids to the best of their abilities is the desire and goal of every parent. For most parents, especially those who are first time in parenting, they are very giddy and enthusiastic about seeing the development of their babies … Read more What is Non Verbal Autism


Introduction Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological difference and an autistic person experiences the world differently. There is no specific cure and medicine is available to treat autism. Therapeutic interventions are evidence-based practices to meet the special needs of an autistic person. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) and structured teaching are the most successful techniques being … Read more CURING AUTISM WITH DIET